Sponsor our trees and gain meaningful Carbon Credits In maximum growth phase one of our trees will offset at least 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) per year One Loch Dean Carbon Credit = AUD$20.00 (One tree for one year)

Back-Valley-tree2Scientists worldwide warn that the excessive levels of man-made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) being released into the atmosphere by individuals, communities and corporations alike are a significant cause of global warming.

Although it is possible to reduce the impact of a carbon footprint by implementing environmentally friendly initiatives, these measures only go so far and cannot fully render an entity carbon neutral. The most effective way to become carbon neutral is to plant trees that convert the CO2 to Oxygen (O2).

We provide the trees to help you become carbon neutral.

Sponsor a tree for AUD$20 per year (less than 50 cents/week) and in their maximum growth phase each tree will offset up to one tonne of CO2, the approximate equivalent of the electricity to power a two-bedroom unit for 3 months.

Sponsor 10 or more trees and we attach your name to the trees and send you a Certificate outlining your tree quantity and location and the duration of your sponsorship.

Enquire about our Open Days at Loch Dean that allow you to see your offset program at work.

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